Do you need to find out more about Real Ales in the UK?

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Not only will you find invaluable information on this site pertaining to new beers and ales that you can buy in the UK, you’ll also get the opportunity to meet like minded individuals at CAMRA events and activities. Join over 185,000 members worldwide to make the most of your passion for good tasting beer.

The Good Pub Guide

For over 30 years, the good folk at The Good Pub Guide have been meticulously reviewing and listing the thousands of pubs that spread across the UK. Each year they publish a book of their findings, but you can also get tips on the best boozers in the country on their website.

The Guardian’s Guide to Craft Ale

The world of Ale can be an incredibly confusing one, thankfully, the Guardian is on hand to offer some much needed advice on how best to describe the pint that you find in front of you. Get the lay of the land so that you’re not stumped for a beer to recommend your new crafty friends.

Trip Advisor

Although it’s not always best to rely on the opinions of the mob, Trip Advisor’s aggregated scores can usually help you point you in the right direction. Whilst it might not give you the definitive answer on how a pub might be, it’s never a bad thing to get a tip on what to expect.

The British History of Brewing 

You won’t find a more definitive history of Brewing in the UK anywhere else online. Taken from A History of the County of Middlesex (originally published in 1911), this exhaustive record begins all the way back in Middle Ages, giving you a wide perspective on the development of brewing in the UK and a glimpse at to how we got here today.

Brew Wales

If you’re in dire need of a good guide to the hundreds of other pubs that lay hidden around Wales, then look no further than this man’s blog. Don’t expect this man to mince his words, as you’ll find that he always tends to speak his mind. Still, he knows his beers and has been in enough pubs to distinguish the good ones from the bad.