There’s a whole world of beer to discover in Cardiff!

Wales is a country renowned for its rich and unique national heritage, brimming with lore and mystery.

Its capital city, a bustling metropolis of working Welsh nationals and party-hard students, has become a true party destination for Wales as well as the rest of the world.

However, there’s a secret side to this country that has yet to be fully explored and that’s what we here at hope to show you!

Although Cardiff’s nightclubs and arenas have done well enough out of the recent turn in the city’s fortune, there are dozens of bars, pubs and boozers that have yet to see the benefits of the recent money that has come into the city. This site will hopefully serve to inform any prospective visitors to the city, as well as anyone currently residing in Cardiff, about the best places to drink in the city.

Since 2010, the Real Ales market has seen year-on-year increases in sales. In 2017 it can no longer be denied that the rejection of traditional lagers and ciders have caused a huge swing in public opinion. The paltry offerings of Stella Artois, Fosters and Carling are no longer enough to satisfy the demanding taste buds of the British drinking public. This change in national taste has caused a couple of things to happen.

Firstly, the amount of beers imported from places like America and Germany have increased dramatically.

Although beer drinkers in Britain might have started out enjoying the standard varieties of ales, soon their worlds were expanded by an ever changing roster of guest ales from the States. Blending the hoppy tastes of Britain’s most favoured ales with the drinkability of American lagers, brewers like Brooklyn Brewery and Goose Island Beer Co. have been making a killing in the UK by selling their beers as premium drinks in restaurants and high-end bars.

Secondly, the amount of breweries that have begun brewing in beer has increased significantly. In the last year alone the amount of breweries functioning in the UK has increased by 8%, with over 1,700 individual businesses developing, crafting and delivering beer all across the country. Some of them produce more traditional ales, not too different from how ale has been made for centuries. Whilst others have taken their cue from America and are now creating craft lagers and IPAs that are standing up with the best of them, with companies like Brewdog now making a push for a stake in the international market.

What does this all add up to then?

Although we are constantly reminded of the increasing number of pubs that are closing, this hasn’t stopped brave entrepreneurs from opening new types of drinking establishments that aim to capture a slice of the billions of pounds that get spent in the nighttime economy every year. In Cardiff, there is now a bigger range of places to drink than there has ever been before. The best of the traditional pubs are still here but now they’re competing with quirky new bars, craft beer palaces and slick bars.

Join us as we tour Cardiff’s best drinking holes and give you the low-down on the best places to grab a pint.